“Pursue your dreams, by using your talents.”

What is Vlog?

A vlog is designed to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas with an audience. It is a form of communication which is used to engage an audience in a personal fashion.

Here are my top 5 favourite Vloggers

Michelle Dy – Vlogger, Makeup guru and Social Media Influencer.

Michelle Dy is my number one favourite vlogger because she is the one I admire the most and besides her beautiful looks or appearance and her makeup skills or talent. I also admire her as a human, I admire her for being a strong independent woman. Because even if there are so many problems that came into her life, many bashers she had she still manage not to give up and just keep on going she chooses to be a strong independent woman instead and use that situation as a stepping stone and a motivation for her to keep on going, to become from what or where she is now.

Lloyd Cafe Cadena – Vlogger, Content Creator, Comedian and Legendary.

Lloyd is my second favourite vlogger. I admire him for being helpful to others, he helps people who are in need or people who asked for his help. Even if Lloyd doesn’t know them he will still help you or the people who asked for his help. I also admire him for how much he loved his family despite all of his problems he still manages to smile and help his family and friends his love ones. But sadly he is no longer here, I know it’s still a shock for us because that news is unbelievable but Kuya Lloyd will always be my number 2 favourite vlogger and always be in my heart truly and forever.

Ivana Alawi – Vlogger, Actress and Singer.

Ivana is my third favourite vlogger because just like Kuya Lloyd she also helps her fellow Filipinos. She influenced ms more on her video where she helped the people who are devastated by the typhoon in Cagayan De Oro even though it is in the middle of the pandemic she still manages to come and not hesitate to go in Cagayan just help and make people happy.

Dogie is my number four favourite vlogger, he’s an MLBB Player he’d arrogant but there is something to be proud of. He is one of my favourite because in his every video there is always a lesson through his experiences he shares some lessons that he overcome. I also admire him for helping the people who got involved in the disaster. Just like Kuya Lloyd and Ivana he also helps people who are in need and people who asked for his help. Even if he is arrogant, he is not the type of person who has a bad attitude he is just true to his fans, viewers he never cares if you didn’t like him because he knows that he knows himself more than others.

H2wo – Vlogger, Streamer, Pro Player in Mobile Legends.

H2wo is my top five or number five favourite Vlogger. He’s a Pro Player and he belongs to the group named “Nexplay (NXP) Solid” he is one of Dogie’s Player which I greatly admire. He is very good at playing Mobile Legends, he is also one of the strongest core in Mobile Legends. What I like about him is even if many people admire and praise him he remain humble and kind he’s not like the other players who become famous and arrogant. I also learned from him that we should keep on chasing or pursuing your dreams. Don’t mind the negative situations, problems that are blocking your way to pursue your dreams. Instead, take that as a motivation in your life for you to grow and to keep on Going.

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